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New Mini: "Rita Amanita"

Rita Amanita Faerie Fairy art by Amber Marine © 2019 all rights reserved

Rita Amanita! My fantasy kick continues! This was meant to be a quick doodle and it raged out of control. Our Fae friend is sitting atop an Amanita muscaria, (Fly Amanita) the iconic/infamous beautiful yet very poisonous/magic fungus. She was painted with my new Daniel Smith PrimaTek crushed gemstone pigments! The background of this print version was borrowed from "Prismo" to spruce up the look of printed products like pillows and totes.

While I am reserving my larger pieces (2018 moving forward) to be printed exclusively by my company, my "Mini" collection will be available online through the printing partners that helped get me started! Prints and neato things printed with this art are available in my Redbubble Shoppe!


"Rita Amanita" fairy / faerie art freehand watercolor & ink painting, art by Amber Marine, © 2019, All Rights Reserved. This art is not to be reproduced, copied, altered, or used without the artist's express permission. Unauthorized use is a violation of copyright law, and the artist's legal intellectual property.

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