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"Rare Cetaceans"

#_/25 Artist's Proof - 2017  

• 11x14 giclée fine art print on heavy archival matte paper.

• Signed and numbered in ink by the artist.

This item is a very limited artist's proof (first edition) print of "Rare Cetaceans," my 2017 watercolor and ink illustration of vaquita, Irrawaddy dolphin, humpback dolphin, baiji dolphin, finless porpoise, and maui's dolphin - all species depicted have recently become critically endangered or functionally extinct.

(Watermark does not appear on prints)



$65 USD

Online prices for limited edition prints include shipping and handling within the continental US.

10x8 prints include 14x11 white matting at no extra charge while supplies last.

Contact me to purchase, and I will make a custom listing for you on Etsy. (Unless purchasing locally.) 

Artist's Note

Artist's Proofs - First Edition Limited Prints

• My first-ever run of prints of any of my paintings are always done as a very short first edition run.

• These are collector's items - only 25 first edition prints of the new work will ever be released.

• These special prints are hand signed and numbered on the front as well as hand

proofed in pencil on the back. My proofs from 2013 through 2017 are numbered: "_/25."

Proofs from 2018 and forward are numbered in Roman numerals: "_/XXV." 

"Spirit Song" 1st Edition Limited (#_/XXV Artist's Proof - 2019)

• 11x14 giclée fine art print on heavy archival matte paper.

• Hand signed and numbered by the artist.

• Comes with protective archival backboard.  

• This item is a limited edition print of "Spirit Song," my 2014 freehand acrylic painting of two bottlenose frolicking under the sea.

(Watermark does not appear on prints.) 


25 First Edition Artist's Proofs - 2019 - fine art giclée on heavy archival matte paper (Current)

Future Edition TBA

$65 USD

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External Wildlife Conservation  / Education Resources

2015-2020, Amber donates 50% of her commission from her vaquita porpoise artwork to ocean and wildlife conservation efforts.


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