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My original paintings are only available locally on the Treasure Coast of Florida - from my hands to yours. (Or those of your purchasing representative.) I do not ship them. Contact me for a list of currently available pieces, the locations and times of local art shows and events, or to meet me at my exhibit in Downtown Vero Beach.

Prices range from $300-$3k.

I currently have  3  available paintings. (Updated Jan 2020)

Original Paintings


Art Suggestion List & About Commissions:

For the foreseeable future, I do not offer commissions. My creative spirit is a flighty creature, and art that is up to my standards is always born of random strikes of inspiration. However, I do keep a suggestion list of marine animals that my art collectors and friends would like to see in my artwork. 

How The List Works:

If I paint something from the list, it is in no particular order. I spend a lot of time on each of my creations, averaging about 8 new paintings per year, so please remember it could be a long time - there's easily six years worth of art on this list!

If you'd like to add a sea critter name to the list, click the contact button below to send me a message. In the event I paint your critter, I will send you an email! (If you want to call dibs on purchasing the original painting, let me know in your message.) 


The List:  (Links in blue are finished!)


California Grey Whale


Redfish II

Snook II


Brook Trout

Rainbow Trout



Beluga Whale

[Tiger Shark]

Great White Shark II

Spiny Lobster

King Mackerel


Striped Burrfish

Humpback Whale


Whale Shark

Cuvier's Beaked Whale


Thresher Shark

Fiddler Crab


Giant Squid

Manta Ray

Maine Lobster


[Hermit Crab]

Largemouth Bass

Portuguese Man O' War


The Loch Ness Monster (!)


Coral Specimens

Great Barracuda

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Dungeness Crab

Octopus II



Cleaner Shrimp


Bonnethead Shark

Mantis Shrimp


Mutton Snapper

Stone Crab

Mole Crab / "Sand Flea"


California Sheepshead

Leafy Sea Dragon

Yellowfin Tuna

Flying Fish

Horseshoe Crab


Black Drum

Lane Snapper

Gag Grouper

Ghost Crab

Flathead Catfish

Chambered Nautilus

Florida Alligator


Emperor Penguin





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