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New Mini: Fluorite "Flo" the Unicorn

Fluorite Flo the Unicorn by Amber Marine watercolor and ink fantasy art © 2019 all rights reserved

I finished a unicorn! Named “Fluorite” after a gem that can range in the color palette I used. (“Flo” for short!)

This is my first attempt at drawing any sort of equine in a long time, and I’m on a fantasy kick lately.

While I am reserving my larger pieces (2018 moving forward) to be printed exclusively by my company, my "Mini" collection will be available online through the printing partners that helped get me started! Prints and neato things printed with this art are available in my Redbubble Shoppe!


"Fluorite Flo the Unicorn" freehand watercolor & ink painting, art by Amber Marine, © 2019, All Rights Reserved. This art is not to be reproduced, copied, altered, or used without the artist's express permission. Unauthorized use is a violation of copyright law, and the artist's legal intellectual property.

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