New Art: "Night Flight"

October 21, 2018


Skree! Skree! Happy Fall! ( #inktober ?)

Here is possibly the happiest critter I've ever drawn! This is “Night Flight” - ballpoint pen/mechanical pencil illustration on aged paper. I’ve been working on this piece since mid 2017, coming back to it every couple of months to add more tiny details. I am especially fond of the bat’s fuzzy tum.


My little batty is no species in particular, he was a freehand drawing loosely based on a pallid bat. His insect friends are male and female luna moths. This was my first attempt at drawing any sort of moth/butterfly - tricky!


PSA: Please don’t be afraid of bats. They’re not out to get you. They eat lots of mosquitos!

Bats are friends, not draculas. 🧛‍♂️


Prints available: I have a run of 25 8”x10” artist’s proof matted to 11x14. 

































"Night Flight" bat and luna moth ink illustration by Amber Marine, © 2018, All Rights Reserved. This art is not to be reproduced, copied, altered, or used without the artist's express permission. Unauthorized use is a violation of copyright law, and the artist's legal intellectual property.


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