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New Art: "Fugu" (Puffer Fish)

"Fugu" puffer fish watercolor by Amber Marine, © 2018, all rights reserved.

Finished a little checkered puffer fish! 🎨🐡 Puffers and burrfish are some of my favorite fishies to hang out with in the water here in Florida. I recently realized that I’d never painted one and had to fix that! I love their goofy smiley faces. (But watch out for those chompers!) As far as I understand, "Fugu" means "river pig" in Japanese. Fugu is also the name for puffer fish sashimi, which can be deadly toxic if prepared incorrectly. Anyway, this little fella started as a freehand ink illustration which I then painted in watercolor with the pictured fine-point water brush. Checkered puffers are common in the seagrass beds of the Indian River Lagoon, represented here in the background. *****(( Do you live in Florida? Do you love our wildlife? GO VOTE on November 6th. It’s time to vote in representatives who are against dumping fertilizer and poison into our estuaries. #bullsugar ))***** __________________________________

"Fugu" puffer fish watercolor art by Amber Marine, © 2018, All Rights Reserved. This art is not to be reproduced, copied, altered, or used without the artist's express permission. Unauthorized use is a violation of copyright law, and the artist's legal intellectual property.

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