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New Art: "Ozzy" the Indian River Lagoon Bottlenose Dolphin!

"Ozzy" watercolor dolphin art - Indian River Lagoon bottlenose by Amber Marine. // © 2018, All Rights Reserved.

🎨🐬! Another newbie! This is watercolor & ink over my sketch of an Indian River Lagoon bottlenose dolphin. The wild dolphin population of the IRL in Florida spend their entire lives in the inshore shallows and sea grass beds. Biologists use the nicks in a dolphin's dorsal fin as a way to ID individuals. My art here depicts a real dolphin, a big lone fellow I have seen many times while kayaking in an area called the Oslo Flats. (Photo below.) He probably has a code name, but I call him Ozzy Oslo. ☺️🐬


For now, prints of my 2018 works are not available in my automated online shops, but if you'd like one feel free to Contact Me. I have limited edition giclée fine art prints ($50) and note card boxes ($27 for ten cards) of Ozzy Oslo. Shipping and handling is included in the prices.

Ozzy the Dolphin Watercolor by Amber Marine, © 2018, All Rights Reserved. This art is not to be reproduced, copied, altered, or used without the artist's express permission. Unauthorized use is a violation of copyright law, and the artist's legal intellectual property.

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