New Art: "Hurricane Wyvern"

August 17, 2017


Hailing from my sketchbook: "Hurricane Wyvern!" - Freehand ink with graphite shading on aged paper. Lots of love for wyverns going around right now... (wvyerns are dragons with two wings, two legs, and usually a barbed tail, gasp, Game of Thrones) so I thought my little wyvern might want to come out of my sketchbook and join the party!


Prints, apparel, and cool décor things available here! 💚


I love drawing dragons. With fantastic creatures like these, I don't need any reference material, I can just sit down anywhere with my sketchbook and create. I began to draw this fellow while I was on a long plane flight last year. He sat around half-finished for a long while like a lot of my art does. (Doh!)




A few months later during Hurricane Matthew, we were waiting out the storm and listening to the destruction outside, and I began to work on this dragon again. I finished detailing him that night, and so I named him "Hurricane."


Hurricane is in my old travel sketchbook, which is very worn and adventure-aged. Whenever I make prints of anything I draw on aged paper, I take extra care to capture and preserve the uniqueness of the paper in the image as well.

(Pictured at the top is one of the 11x14 limited editions, it printed beautifully!)

(Pictured below, photo of the original work in my travel book, taken as I was working on it during the hurricane.)

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November 30, 2019

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