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New Art: "Rare Cetaceans"

Rare Cetaceans, Vaquita, irrawaddy, humpback, baiji, maui, finless, dolphin, porpoise, watercolor art, painting by artist Amber Marine

Newly finished! "Rare Cetaceans" painted in watercolor and ink. (My husband gave me a water brush and this was my first time using it, I love it!)

In this piece I've illustrated some of the rarest dolphins and porpoises in the world, five critically endangered, and one functionally extinct species.

Prints and cute things are available 🐬 here! 🐬

(Purchases support my work, and make great conversation pieces! )

I will be making an 11x14 first edition of giclée prints of this piece: 25 artist's proofs, signed and numbered in watercolor paint.

Cetacean species in the art, in order:

(Conservation resources below) Vaquita Porpoise

(critically endangered, Gulf of California - fewer than 30 left alive.) Irrawaddy dolphin

(critically endangered in Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam)

Taiwanese humpback dolphin

(critically endangered subspecies of Indo-Pacific humpback.)

Baiji Dolphin

(Declared functionally extinct in 2006, though alleged sightings are still reported.)

Finless Porpoise

(critically endangered in the Yangtze River.)

Maui's Dolphin / Hector's Dolphin

(Maui's is a critically endangered subspecies of hector's, and the smallest dolphin species in the world. fewer than 50 left. Hector's is also endangered.)

Humans are the cause of the decline of these species in every case. We are becoming more aware of the damage we cause in the wild world, I hope that this is the era where we as a species care enough to stop ourselves. We have lost too many amazing animals already.

Rescources to learn about and get involved with the conservation of these animals:

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