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New Art - Fantasy Seahorse

Fantasy Seahorse - Ink illustration artwork by Amber Marine

New stuff - hooray for seahorses!

๐ŸŽจ About the Art:

This is an ink illustration that I finished over the course of two weeks while at my live art shows. Many of the folks who visit me at the Fort Pierce Jazz Market watched this piece come to life. ๐Ÿ˜Š Here I am getting in touch with my artistic roots - it all began with illustrations. When I began painting many years ago my love for fine detail carried over to my painting style.

This little guy is no species in particular, and so he is named "Fantasy Seahorse." While I enjoy the challenge of creating an artistic likeness of a specific real animal, I also love the freedom and adventure that comes with simply working on the image that appears in my mind with no real point of reference.

Fantasy Seahorse is published in my shop and ready for the holidays!

[ Click here to view Shop Gallery ]

๐ŸŒŠ ๐ŸŽ About Seahorses:

Seahorses are an iconic creature, their delicate and magical image captivates and resonates with people the world over. Seahorses are a type of bony fish - members of the genus Hippocampus (meaning "horse sea-monster") which currently includes 54 different species. Many populations of seahorses are in danger due to human interference, and several species are endangered. They are mainly threatened by habitat loss and overfishing. Seahorses are being overharvested and dried for use in superstitious medicine, and to be sold as curios and souvenirs in the seashell trade.

Please... in your travels on our fragile little blue planet - never ever buy dried seahorses.

To learn more about seahorses, the dangers they face, and the conservation effort, visit

The Seahorse Trust

Legal: All artwork displayed here is ยฉ Amber Marine 2016, all rights reserved. Do not alter. Do not use this artwork in any way without a directly written legal agreement from the artist.

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