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Been a little busy folks, will resume creating and posting new arts after I return from honeymoon! ❤ Huge thanks to Erin at Shelton | Smith Photography, to everyone who traveled from all over the place to celebrate with us, and to all our amazing artistic awesome friends and family who came together to help us put together a very fun, unique, creative, beautiful wedding! ^_^ 🐠 🐟 🐡 🐬 🐳 🐋

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External Wildlife Conservation  / Education Resources

2015-2020, Amber donates 50% of her commission from her vaquita porpoise artwork to ocean and wildlife conservation efforts.


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All works by Amber Marine are original works of art, and fully protected by copyright and intellectual property laws.

No one may use, alter, produce, print, distribute physically or digitally, or make for sale any version of these artworks in any way without express, directly written consent from the artist. No one may legally alter, copy, re-design, or otherwise plagiarize any of these artworks, either in part or in full.

Cases of copyright infringement and intellectual property theft are subject to claims for damages.