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Sawfish September!

Sawfish acrlic painting by Amber Marine, © 2015, all rights reserved.

This month's feature is the critically endangered smalltooth sawfish! 9x12 Acrylic painting on canvas - this spectacular animal was tons of fun to paint!

The sawfishes (which are in the ray family) are living prehistoric marvels. Their unique saw rostrum is a feeding tool, used to slash through schools of prey fish. The smalltooth sawfish (Pristis pectinata) can reach a massive 25 feet long (Whoa!) and inhabits shallow coastal and inshore waters. Sawfish face danger from entanglement in nets and fishing gear. Fisherman who catch sawfish are warned not to remove the animal from the water, and not to harm the animal in any way - disentangle and release them immediately, without pausing to take pictures. Every living sawfish is critical to the survival of the species, respect them! Have you encountered a sawfish in the wild? Report it for conservation and science!

More sawfish info here: MyFWC: Sawfish

Legal: All artwork displayed here is © Amber Marine 2015, all rights reserved. Do not alter. Do not use this artwork in any way without a directly written legal agreement from the artist.

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