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Endangered Species Art Project

"Song of the Vaquita" watercolor painting depicting the critically endangered vaquita porpoise, by wildlife artist Amber Marine

Beginning with the launch of my new website (Yay!!!) I will unveil new art featuring endangered, threatened, or vulnerable marine life every month for a year!

Through this effort I hope to raise public awareness of the plights of these amazing creatures who are sharing this fragile blue planet with us, and what we can do to protect them.

August's feature is the vaquita porpoise! Mexico's vaquita marina aka the desert porpoise is the smallest cetacean in the world, and they are in dire need. There may be fewer than 50 left in the world.

You can help them!

Visit to take action and learn more!

All artwork displayed here is © Amber Marine 2015, all rights reserved. Do not alter or use in any way without direct written agreement from the artist. [Contact Amber Marine]

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