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Questions? Update on your order? Returns?


My sea critter creations are my pride and joy, and I want you to be thrilled with your purchase!


• Society6, Redbubble, and Zazzle are all independent companies, licensed to print and sell my artwork on their high quality products.


• All three of them have excellent customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantees.

All transactions, manufacturing, shipping, replacements, returns, and refunds are handled by the respective company the item was purchased from. (Not directly by me, as I don't have access to their private systems, records, or checkbooks. Please understand that I only recieve a commission when they sell their items printed with my artwork.)

Links to the quick-response customer service desks of each company:


Society6  (Returns accepted within 60 days of purchase)

Redbubble •  (Returns accepted within 90 days of purchase) 

Zazzle •   (Returns accepted within 30 days of purchase) 


If you are unsure of which printing company made your item, please [Send me a message.] Tell me what item you purchased and what artwork was printed on it, and I will be able to tell you where to go based on my commission record.


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