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Vaquita Porpoise art by Amber Marine
Sheepshead Splash by Amber Marine
"The Dreamer" Killer Whale, Orca Art
Blue Cra, Watercolor by Amber Marine
"Eclipse" Green Sea Turtle, Acrylic
Rare Cetaceans by Amber Marine
"Sawfish" painting by Amber Marine
Hawksbill Sea Turtle Art, Watercolor
"The Matriarch" J2 Granny by Amber
"Inshore Slam" Fish Painting
Chinook King Salmon
Great Hammerhead Shark Watercolor
"Song of the Vaquita" Watercolor
Moonlit Sea Turtle by Amber Marine
"Shrimp"  Painting by Amber Marine
Spiraling Vaquita & Maui's-copyright
Hawaiian Monk Seal Acrylic Painting
"The Manatee" Watercolor Painting
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"The Dreamer" Orca Art by Amber Marine ~ Amber's social media avatar & link to Amber Marine on Instagram

 Independent Artist with a Saltwater Spirit 
(On hiatus from live events - return date TBA.
The automated online shop is always open.)

"I spent my childhood evenings enchanted by PBS Nature, Nova, National Geographic, and Jacques Cousteau
VHS tapes from the library. I spent my hard-earned allowance on books about marine mammals,
and school supplies printed with dolphins and fish. My grandparents made sure I kept drawing
and painting my sea creatures, and they pinned my neverending scribbles all over the walls."


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